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You know you are Technical when...

You Know you are technical when
  1. You can talk for hours about how, in 25 years, the whole country won't have E-Mail addresses.
  2. You set up an automatic rerouting of your e-mail to your pager.
  3. You set up your own newsgroup.
  4. You get sudden attacks of bittersweet nostalgic feelings when thinking about your long-lost old Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX-81, TRS-80 (or whatever hardware you were raised on), and use large amounts of money/time trying to track one down.
  5. You have more e-mail addresses than you do pairs of shoes.
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You know you are a NFL Fan when...

you know you are a NFL fan when
  1. you live in the team colours day after day tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, gameshirts, jackets, coats, caps, hats, etc seven days a week year round putting up with the put down looks, jeers and sneers for just daring to be different.
  2. A life without Oreos and Dairylea is no life at all.
  3. you Sir Iasic Newton in a text book and imeadiatly start thinking what team Cam Newton is going to get drafted by!
  4. you sat drinking coffee for the first time in your life to stay awake for the whole of the super bowl, even though you know your up at half 6 in the morning for school!
  5. you plan your family holidays around the game?
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You know you are a Teenager when...

you know you are a teenager when
  1. you wanna bang everyone in the room
  2. your cell phone is always with you
  3. going up to your room and staying there for a long period of time isn't a punishment anymore
  4. you feel like no one understands you
  5. "drama" means getting into fights and stuff like that instead of movies and plays
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You know you are a Weed Stoner when...

You Know you are a weed stoner when
  1. you go on your lunch break smoke a joint and talk yourself into not going back to work.
  2. you smoke a joint while you're watching TV & you forget you're watching TV
  3. you run out of weed & go around the house smoking the resin out of all your pipes
  4. you have cotton mouth when you drink 3 big gulps while standing at the drink station filling your cup.
  5. you give ur mom ur best pot plant for Mother's Day & she loves it until she shows it to her neighbor the cop's wife.
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You know you're addicted to Youknowster when...

You know you're addicted to youknowster when
  1. you start creating jokes of your own of " you know you are " to contribute to this website for this session
  2. you start posting statuses like "you know you are" on Facebook to get replies from your friends so that you can contribute in
  3. you see new humor on this website with year of posting 2011
  4. you start looking out for anything which starts with " you know you are" with replies as reasons
  5. you start talking to your friends in same way " you know you are"
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You know you are from Orlando when...

You know you are from Orlando when
  1. Daytona, New Smyrna, and Cocoa Beach are 'sucky' beaches.
  2. The only time you go to theme parks is when your relatives are in town.
  3. theres 9 Rite-Aids, 8 Publix's,7 Wal-greens,6 Eckerds, 5 super Wal-marts, 4 super Targets, 3 Albertsons, 2 Marriots and 1small park called Disney with-in 15 minutes of each other.
  4. The beach is your other home
  5. Tourists are the most annoying people on the planet...
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You know you are from Hlotse when...

You know you are from Hlotse when
  1. You have bought mafishcrama HaMamokoane
  2. you know the likes of Sechaba Potse, Refiloe Potse, Thulo Leboela , Mahipi and more.
  3. You have seen Mphokojane at ur Primary School or one near you.
  4. When your favorite soccer team is or used to be Linare
  5. You know or have heard of Pupunte
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You know you are from Argyle when...

You know you are from Argyle when
  1. Basketball is the way of life.
  2. Mrs. Ellis's room was the best room in high school.
  3. Football team...... What is football?
  4. Washington County Fair is the life.
  5. The smell of cow shit is normal.
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You know you are from Kingshurst when...

You know you are from Kingshurst when
  1. you correct people when they call it KING_HURST!!!!!
  2. you used to take the piss out of the crazy old bloke i knew as mad jim
  3. you drink in the punchbowl mountford pavs or the lakeside
  4. you used to steal condoms from the chemist(just me and ray on that one then lol)
  5. you used to have to go to tandies for your football stickers
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You know you are from Postville when...

You know you are from Postville when
  1. You can go out to eat at either a Mexican, Jewish, or American restaurant without leaving town.
  2. you dont ask Mrs. Yanda a question because you know she will speak in words way over your head and you wont be able to understand the answer.
  3. you agree that what Ms. Mueller teaches is pretty much pointless....wait, does she teach anything?? who knows...
  4. the teachers yell at the boys to stop touching each other
  5. you have heard the term 'receiving a shipment' when referring to a group of hispanics/guatemalans moving into town.
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