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You know you are a Compost Whacko when...

You Know You are a Compost Whacko When
  1. you stand at the edge of a field that belongs to some complete stranger (150 miles from your own home) staring at the cow pies just layin there, wondering how to go about getting a couple of 'them thar piez' for your compost pile back home.(it's kinda lik
  2. As they look at you with horror when you tell them that you DO compost this or that.
  3. ...when you have a finished pile and you think of it as black gold.
  4. ...you schlep contractor bags full of weeds and clippings from the community garden (bypassing community piles) to add to home bins.
  5. ...every so often you wonder how whacked your friends, family and colleagues really think you are. And occasionally, you wonder too.
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