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You know you're in Germany if...

You know you're in Germany if...
  1. Beer actually tastes good
  2. Saying "Wie geht's'" (how are you?) will certainly not be responded to with a short phrase such as gut (fine or good) but rather by a long explanation of everything on that person's mind.
  3. You eat sandwiches for breakfast (especially Nutella on bread)
  4. If you drive 4 hours almost in every direction, you will be in a new country which speaks a completely different language and has a new culture.
  5. There are 4 cans/trash bags to put garbage for every household (yellow is normal trash, blue is paper, green or brown is glass, and clear is plastics and metals).
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You know you are from HAMBURG (DE) when...

  • by Priya, January 26, 2009 at 5:43am.
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You know you are from HAMBURG (DE) when
  1. you think it's completely normal to have a festival once a year, celebrating a Norwegian band and seeing thousand of people wearing "Turbojugend" denim-jackets – and you actually know what it means
  2. you don't think it's weird that public transportation/taxi/police drive Mercedes, instead everything else is weird.
  3. you go downtown on a Sunday morning and don't expect to see a single soul on an hour walk (and not because of church, see above)
  4. the radio says, "Queen Mary is arriving on Sunday" and you actually know who (or more so what) is coming
  5. you expect people to drink a bottle of Jäger each and think it normal
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