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You know you're from Japan when...

You know you're from Japan when
  1. At some point, you watched "Hotaru no Haka" and cried.
  2. You grew up watching Anpanman or Ultraman.
  3. You know why the words Rice and Meal mean the same thing.
  4. You apologize profusely for no reason.
  5. You know what the rabbits are doing up there on the moon.
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You know you a Chilehead if...

You Know You're a Chilehead If
  1. You take tender loving care of your plants, and stress them out with abuse every chance you get.
  2. You keep the spare rolls of toilet tissue in the freezer
  3. you risk Hunan Eye trying to pour every last speck of the Ass Kickin' Habanero Peanut crumbs into your mouth -- twice!
  4. You use capsaicin-based pain ointment as a food additive
  5. You don't know how hot the salsa really was until you kiss someone else, and they run for the nearest faucet
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You know you are in Cyprus when...

You Know You Are In Cyprus When
  1. A mercedes is not a car, it`s a Taxi.
  2. The messenger/clerk of a Ministry can get you a job!
  3. You call everyone "koumbare"(`best man`)...and they probably are!
  4. The first thing a police officer asks you is "what does your dad do?".
  5. You walk around in jumpers when 25 C....
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