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You Know you are from Kentucky when...

You Know you are from Kentucky when
  1. 2. when your stereo in your pickup is valued at more than the pickup.
  2. 4. when, you call your grandmother mom and your mom Kathy. 5. when, Your dream home sits on the back of your pickup.
  3. 3. when, you can slurp your soup up through your missin tooth.
  4. 1. when your dad gets jealous cause you have a boyfriend.
  5. you pronounce Louisville like: Lauis-ville
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You know you are from Lexington when...

  • by Priya, January 26, 2009 at 5:37am.
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You know you are from Lexington when
  1. You have a picture of you and scartch, or just scratch.
  2. You know half the waiters at Billy's.
  3. Charlie Brown's is not a cartoon.
  4. Courtesy on Wheels...
  5. You have your own skatepark, yet we still have skate stoppers.
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