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You know you're a Doctor if...

You know you're a Doctor if
  1. You freak out when your toddler has flushed your Pharmacopeia down the toilet, and you even contemplate about retrieving it and using the blowdryer to salvage your trusted little pharmacopeia.
  2. You don't care what you wear to work. The White Coat covers all fashion atrocities and physical shortcomings (there is a reason why brides wear white).
  3. You always wonder who's more talented at sewing: Surgeons or Seamestresses?
  4. You have extra pharmacopeias and Sanford's ID guide in ALL of your bags. You are not even a doctor without your cheat books.
  5. You use Harrison's Textbook or some other useless reference medical text book that you bought in training as seat elevators for your children.
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You know you're a Parent Of A Child With Cancer when...

You know you're a Parent of a Child with Cancer when...
  1. You carry a tube of Emla in your purse instead a tube of lipstick.
  2. You hear a truck backing up and you think the IV is beeping.
  3. You can read the doctors prescription word for word, and are asked to decipher it by the pharmacist.
  4. You can tell the nurses where their supplies are.
  5. You wrap presents and packages with medical tape.
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You know you're addicted to Grey's Anatomy when...

You know you're addicted to Grey's Anatomy when...
  1. You re-watch the previous seasons over the summer to refresh your memory before the show comes back.
  2. You start McNaming people in your daily life.
  3. You own season 1 and 2 on DVD and watch them whenever you have free time, even though you've seen each episode a dozen times.
  4. The words McDreamy and McSteamy hold meaning to you.
  5. When you now have the burning desire to become a doctor despite no hand/eye coordination, the fact that you're terrible at math and science and you have no will to complete 8 years of school.
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You know you're in a Redneck Hospital when...

You know you're in a Redneck Hospital when
  1. Immunizations are worn fanny-packs, full of lizard's feet, owl's beaks and pig's ears.
  2. You share the Recovery Room with a sick cow.
  3. Nurses wear flour sack uniforms and look like burned out cloggers.
  4. Double By-Pass Surgery is only done when it's shown on The Learning Channel.
  5. Hospital food consist of picking-your-own corn on the roof.
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