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You know you're from Minneapolis when...

You know you're from Minneapolis when...
  1. You've seen a head made out of... wait for it... butter!
  2. You call the University of Minnesota the "U of M" or simply "the U."
  3. You think the Renaissance Festival is a pretty awesome festival.
  4. You know that "Drive 105" is now "Love 105".
  5. You know that KDWB plays today's hit music.
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You will know you are in Minnesota when...

  1. >You know buy alcohol from an onsale or an offsale
  2. >Supporting the Green Bay Packers is treason
  3. >You know the sport ringette
  4. >The mosquito is the real state bird
  5. >Betty Crocker is a considered a local
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You know you are from Itasca when...

You know you are from Itasca when
  1. -Everything you buy is in 'the next town over'.
  2. -You know everyoneâ??s name.
  3. - Seeing huge amounts of houses TP-ed is a sign that summer is coming to a close.
  4. -They play the same 5 songs over at the Itasca Pool and you know what song is coming up next.
  5. -For some strange reason you switch schools every couple of years.
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