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You know you are from Nepal when...

  • by Priya, December 27, 2008 at 4:51am.
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You know you are from Nepal when
  1. Your conversation with any Nepali you just met always ends up being an interview to unearth the degree of association with this person. (eh...Ghar ka?? Lazimpat? Tyeso bhaye timile xyz lai chinchhau??)
  2. Sitting on the front seat of a taxi feels like you're in a video game
  3. you accidently ask for an e-sprite and an e-snickers baryou're in Kathmandu, you find Mo:mo shops every other block... yumm..u finally think uve perfected yor bargaining skills, but come bak ripped off... You are used to cows sitting down in the middle o
  4. You chichyai chichyai boling on the phone. You pronounce 'YUM' for 'M'.You point with your lips.You get annoyed when people think you are from Naples.Whenever you meet someone you ask, " Have you had your food?" ( bhat khayao?) You meet someone
  5. Your initial instinct on a sunny day is to stay in the shade... Winter only lasts three months... Most if not all houses have balconies...
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