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You know you've worked in Hotels when...

  • by Priya, October 26, 2009 at 7:55am.
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You know you've worked in hotels when....
  1. Conference and Events never has the same staff working on two consecutive parties, as all of the staff are hired on a shift by shift basis.
  2. At least one person will complain about the fact their debit card has a mysterious charge on it, which takes 8 days to clear. But of course we did ask for a CREDIT card on check in!!
  3. No matter how hard you try to explain that the room type was REQUESTED, NOT GUARANTEED, the guest always expects to get a Non Smoking, King Size Bed with a view!!
  4. You learn, VERY QUICKLY, to never, EVER, f**k with the person who handles your food!
  5. Office politics are more OTT than real politics.
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