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You know you are a Bad Customer if...

You know you are a bad customer if...
  1. you walk into a store at 10 minutes to close not knowing what you want and don't decide for another 30 minutes.
  2. you insist that lines don't pertain to you and proceed to push past everyone else to get to the head of the line, because *you're* the special one.
  3. you have to separate transactions for two 2/$1.00 candy bars (but then how would I know how much they are apiece?)
  4. you go into a convenience store and buy a pack of gum with a $100 bill then get mad if the cashier can't give you the right change.
  5. you insist that it's the cashiers job to tell you where the coupon is and have them tear it out for you, then complain to the manager when they don't comply (and yes this happens almost daily...)
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