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You know you are Pregnant when...

You know you are Pregnant when
  1. you would rather suffer through the heartburn and buy some fruity Tums in the morning than take those nasty peppermint Tums that taste like old toothpaste.
  2. it's the middle of July and you're due in August, and your MIL stops by with your nephews and you're wearing a pair of your husband's old boxers with your unshaved legs and a tank top that doesn't even cover your stretch marks and you just cry.....
  3. When your nephew asks if the stretch marks on your tummy are hair.
  4. the only clothes you can actually fit into are not the $40 maternity pants you just bought two months ago, but your husband's old blue jeans, and even those are tight on you.
  5. when you can live on peanut butter toast for tw days and think nothing of it.
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