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You know you are from Yorba Linda when...

  • by Priya, January 31, 2009 at 10:30am.
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You know you are from Yorba Linda whenq
  1. You are a member of or have attended a service at Friends Church
  2. You have a friend who knows why there is no Yorba Linda Police Department
  3. City Council meetings on Channel 3
  4. The go-karts and battle boats at Family Fun Center
  5. Your parents own their own business
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You know you have Spent Too Much Time On Da when...

You know you've spent too much time on dA when
  1. The reason you do art is to send it to dA. ~ ~Salwiak
  2. You thank a lad at school for the devWATCH when you first become friends in offline conversation. ~ *Electromechanical
  4. You write your name on somthing you put your screen name and for the date you put your pass word ~ ~wolfvahn
  5. You talk more to a friend on DA than in real life ~ ~bocker22
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